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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The UN Documents Congo's Bloodbath
Women and girls were raped. Men slaughtered. Refugees killed with
machetes and sticks. A new UN report describes an orgy of violence in
Congo between 1993 and 2003, meticulously documenting how law and
humanity were abandoned. It also accuses Rwanda of atrocities in Congo
-- something that has not gone down well in Kigali.,1518,714840,00.html#ref=nlint

Germany Is Becoming Islamophobic
Thilo Sarrazin's comments about Muslims have triggered outrage in
Germany and abroad, but have met with willing listeners among the
general public. His rhetoric is slowly bringing about change in Germany,
transforming it from a tolerant society into one dominated by fear and
del 31/8/2010
Una película avanza sobre la intimidad del fundador de Facebook

El inminente estreno del film que intenta mostrar los conflictos que hubo en los comienzos del sitio incomoda al creador de la plataforma, Mark Zuckerberg, alérgico a la exposición mediática; Hollywood también planea una película basada en Google

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Terça, 31 Agosto 2010

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Medicina Tradicional Tem Força em Moçambique

Há dez vezes mais curandeiros do que médicos em Moçambique

Roque Santeiro: Vendedores Começam a Deixar o Local

Começou hoje sem incidentes a retirada dos vendedores do mercado Roque Santeiro

Governo da África do Sul Retoma Negociações Com Grevistas

Governo pressionado pelo impacto da paralisação que entrou na terceira semana
South African commuters line up at a bus stop in Soweto on 17 May 2010 during a strike by rail workers

Angola: Brasileiros Apelam à Liberdade de Imprensa

Jornalistas Brasileiros Preocupados com Situação da imprensa angolana

FACIM - Quadragésima Sexta Edição

Quatrocentas e oitenta e oito empresas moçambicanas

Renamo e MDM: Adiamento da Lei Eleitoral É Manobra Dilatória

A Renamo e o MDM consideram a decisão de adiar o prazo das propostas para a revisão da lei uma manobra

FLEC, que Futuro?

Os separatistas de Cabinda estão divididos em dois campos.

Kiama e “Ecos d’Angola”

Um livro de poemas sobre Angola, de ontem, de hoje, de amanhã

O Pão de Cada Dia: Preços Aumentam em Moçambique

Preço do pão aumenta em Setembro. Vai juntar-se a outros aumentos que tornam vida muito cara para os cidadãos.

Brasil Vai Treinar Militares da Guiné-Bissau

Lula da Silva anuncia envio de missão. Força de estabilização continua a ser discutida
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

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UNDP Spurns Additional Funding Request for Zimbabwe's Constitutional Outreach

The government was seeking about US$ 8 million to finalize public consultations for its constitution revision exercise

International Diamond Expert Says Zimbabwe Could Top Diamond Producers

Van Laure said Zimbabwe had the potential of overtaking leading diamond producing countries like Russia, Botswana and South Africa

African Bank Launches Crucial Fund for Zimbabwe to Revive Battered Economy

The bank will provide US$50 million and the Zimbabwe government US$20 million sourced from its IMF's Special Drawing Rights account
Zimbabwe's Finance Minister Tendai Biti talks at a news conference in Harare Wednesday 18, Feb. 2009

Zimbabwe Cricket Rejects 'Neutral Venue' Proposal for Date With Scotland

Zimbabwe cricket officials said they were not bothered by the decision and would not agree to a proposed neutral venue

Zimbabwe's Constitutional Revision Chiefs to Meet UNDP Seeking More Funding

Zimbabwe has proposed a supplementary budget of US$ 8 million to see the constitution outreach through, but UNDP wants an audit first

Mugabe Vows To Defy Regional Court In Land Dispute With Former White Farmers

In a weekend address, President Mugabe said black farmers who were unable to utilize their land should hand it over back to government
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, left, walks past Prime Minster Morgan Tsvangirai, during Defense Force Day Commemorations in Harare, 10 Aug 2010

Zimbabwe Government Bans Works of Prominent Visual Artist

The state banned the exhibition under the Censorship and Entertainment Act once used by colonial ruler Ian Smith in Rhodesia

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Reinstates Licenses of Suspended Commercial Banks

Reports said Barbican Bank, Trust Banking Corporation and Royal Bank were given their new licenses last Friday.

Zimbabwe Government Urged to Rethink on Bidders For Collapsed State Steel Maker

Economist John Robertson said government must develop sounder policies when privatizing troubled parastatals like ZiscoSteel

Zimbabwe Police Raze Shack Dwellings Making Scores Homeless

Many of those whose shacks were destroyed by police were refugees from similar massive attacks on urban dwellings five years ago
Map of Zimbabwe
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Obama Marks End of Iraq Combat Mission

US president says speech to nation on end of combat mission in Iraq is not going to be 'victory lap'
President Barack Obama speaks to members of the military at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, 31 Aug 2010

Gates: No Victory Celebration for Iraq as Mission Changes

Defense secretary calls Wednesday's formal handover in Baghdad the moment both countries have been working for and hoping for
U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaks at the American Legion convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 31 Aug 2010

Lifting Israeli Restrictions Would Grow Palestinian Economy

Despite improving Palestinian GDP figures in 2009, real GDP per capita declined 30 percent; unemployment hovered at 30 percent
Map of Palestinian Territories including West Bank, Gaza Strip

US, Netherlands Investigate Possible Airline Terror Plot

Dutch authorities say two Yemeni men arrested after taking flight from US to Amsterdam suspected of conspiring to commit terrorism
A security agent stands in the departure hall of the Amsterdam Schiphol airport after two Yemenis arrested at the Airport off a flight from the US were being held on suspicion of conspiracy to prepare a terrorist act, 31 Aug 2010

Legacy of Genocide Fuels Political Repression in Rwanda

Concerns being raised that legacy of genocide manipulated for benefit of ruling party
A supporter of Rwandan president Paul Kagame shows his support for the ruling RPF party during a victory celebration, 10 Aug 2010

3 Arrests Made in Pakistan Cricket Scandal

Match-fixing claims prompt top Pakistani cricket officials to question players as Britain makes arrests
Pakistan's Cricket team captain Salman Butt, who is under investigation over claims of match-fixing, in London

Somali Government Denies Ethiopia Sent Troops into Somalia

Government spokesman refutes eyewitness reports that Ethiopian troops carried out operations against al-Shabab around Beledweyn
Somali Government forces take up a position during clashes with Al-Shabaab insurgents, Mogadishu, 25 Aug 2010

India's Economy Posts Highest Growth Since Global Downturn

New Delhi also optimistic about tackling inflation and high food prices

Burundi's 'Peace Village' a Unique Effort to Reconcile Ethnic Groups

UN, Burundi's government set up experiment to see if Hutus, Tutsis could better understand each other by living side by side
Women in Mutambara Peace Village, Burundi

Technology Changes Peace Corps Experience

Cell phones and Internet transform how volunteers do their work and stay in touch
Peace Corps volunteers like Sonia Morhange, seen here in Rwanda, are no longer as isolated from home as they once were.

Saving Asia's Orangutans May Also Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

Indonesia, Malaysia steps up efforts to protect Asia's great ape; saving endangered 'man of the forest' may help fight global warming
Sepilok Rehabilitation Center Sandakan Malaysia

Frog Skin Oozes Possibly Powerful Antibiotic

Amphibians secrete new weapon for drug arsenal
Foothill yellow-legged frog
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