Roberto Abraham Scaruffi: STATE/GOVERNMENT GANG-STALKING?! YOU are insane! YOU are criminals! 你們沒面子!

Saturday, 5 November 2005

YOU are insane! YOU are criminals! 你們沒面子!

YOU are insane!
YOU are criminals!
And even totally idiot,
because now the whole world knows what you are!
现在,大家知道你們只是瘋狂的蟑螂! [*** new address ***]

My sister’s “literary” site is rich of first-hand information on these State-organised psychotic and criminal louses:
"Independent terrorism", as well as "independent" Mafias [organized criminality], does not exist. Terrorisms, as well as Mafias, are created, used and manipulated from States/governments. ALWAYS! It could not be differently! ALL terrorist groups, as well as ALL Mafias, are under State/government manipulation and control. So they are, de facto, generally consciously (at least at leading level), their militias. 
It is decades that there are programs, at NATO level, for producing and managing internal terrorism. There are, consequently, coercion programs for inducing people to become terrorists and demolition/annihilation programs for liquidating people not complying, after having been selected, with such State/ “government” insanities, madness and crimes. These programs have been created and implemented with the assistance of [incurable insane and irredeemable criminal] academicians and the cover of Parliaments. They extend also beyond the NATO area, in practice to the whole area of influence of the British and U.S. Empires (Chinas and Russia [traditional British clients] included, obviously). 
[Incurable insane and irredeemable criminal] Secret Police Bureaux officers, as well as [incurable insane and irredeemable criminal] militians "hired" from Secret Police Bureaux, permanently "lynch" their targets by their living places, working places, study places etc. The goal is to push the targeted people to clandestinity, to become clandestine terrorists. The "program", for the targeted people, is: "He/she must not work, study, live!", "We make your legal life impossible. ...You must go to clandestinity and become a terrorist! ...Later, we know how to manipulate you."  
Just become clandestine terrorists (if the [incurable insane and irredeemable criminal] Secret Police Bureaux officers and their militians have been successful), they are manipulated for pushing them to commit crimes and terrorist acts in the "interests" of the institutions [real governments, formal governments, Parliaments, all under Empires' centres orders if they are institutions of compradoro areas] giving orders to the Secret Police Bureaux in charge for such State terrorism's programs. 
...If one resists, they have the problem to annihilate who resists, for removing evidence against themselves and their insane criminal NATO programs. 
There are, in parallel, and as a complement, NATO social terrorism programs, with Carabinieri's implementation in Italy. States/governments terrorize society and criminalize whatever form of real dissent. Or one must be a State/government militian. Or one must be an obedient slave. Or one must become a criminal and/or psychiatrized ...and, later, one must either become an obedient slave or is not allowed to live. The only problem is that the "great leaders" planning and implementing such programs are only incurable psychotic criminals, ...insane State/government mob! And even absolutely idiotic.    
For example, in Italy both black and red terrorism have been institutional [Quirinale, government, Parliament] creation through the action of Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux. Also when there was "the Fascist regime", it was just a monarchic mask on London's orders. When, in 1940, the Savoy Royal House betrayed London, it was later removed by the 1946 coup d'Etat.   
...Only a few examples...
The 12 December 1969 Piazza Fontana massacre was executed from black terrorists at State/"government" [DC-PCI-Mediobanca, with NATO promotion, agreement and cooperation] orders. Who put materially the bomb was sent to Japan and recommended [only Carabinieri and NATO, on institutional orders, could do so] him to the Japanese authorities for becoming a Japanese citizen. When a Police Commissar, Luigi Calabresi, since personal investigations, discovered the connection between Carabinieri and "fascist" terrorists, he was assassinated. Later, a Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureau will mount a judicial case for presenting as his official killers some leftist leaders had previously refused to cooperate with the Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux terrorism. Etc. Etc. 
When [1978] the Christian Democracy President Aldo Moro was kidnapped and later killed, the order for such operation was given from the then Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti. He needed to remove who would have become President of the Republic a few months later, if let alive. Carabinieri Secret Police Bureaux simply manipulated the Red Brigades [they had previously arrested the political wing and let free (de facto protected/covered!) the butchers' wing of the RB], induced organized criminality to help them, gave them operational cover and indirect assistance for such a complex operation, driven them to do what Giulio Andreotti wanted they did. For example, when, in 1979, the PLO gave various weapons to the RB, only Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux, on institutional order, could have asked and authorized the PLO to deliver a relatively relevant quantity of weapons to Italian terrorists. The PLO was in very good relations with the Italian government.    
All the black and red terrorism has been ALWAYS created and manipulated, also removed when not any more useful, even if never totally, since State/"government" decision. The direct agents of Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux are either protected or killed. The idiots are put in jail or killed. ALL are manipulated from Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux. Who is not manipulated choses different "job". In Italy, a compradoro space, also "normal" political parties, trade unions, associations etc are under tight Carabinieri's military control, with London and other strict supervisions. 
The occasional killings of modernizers there are, time to time, in Italy, are ordered form political institutions (Quirinale [the real government, since the 1992 coup d'Etat, when the whole post-WWII political system was liquidated by a great purge become permanent for assuring the Quirinale-Mediobanca's dictatorship, the Presidents of the Republic-Mediobanca dictatorship], formal government, Parliament).
Equally, ALL the "Mafia" killing and massacres happened and happen on institutional irresistible request through Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux. The "Italian" "Mafias" were created from the Brits, for the needs (as parallel militias) of the 1860 terrorist operation "unified" "Italy". They were later (1943-?) reimported for the need of the Anglo-American occupation. The local clients-servants of the British and of the U.S. Empires, as well as of other sub-power having influence on the Italic space, are the Italian institutions (Quirinale, formal government, Parliament), and the Carabinieri (an Armed Force [with the same formal status of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force] of the Defense Ministry even supervising the "normal" police and not only it) and Mediobanca (which assures the financial subordination to the Empires' centres).  
It is what is called stabilizing destabilization. Actually, it is only self-shitting destabilization, since the social and economic devastation it produces.     
ALL terrorist and Mafias' assassinations and massacres have been and are Carabinieri's Secret Police Bureaux work on institutional orders and under Empires' supervision [the self-shitting destabilization]! 
The devices below showed are devices for watching through walls, floors, ceilings. They are used for white torture [building harassment, sleep deprivation, psychological annihilation, ...when they are successful]. These devices have been given also to States/governments outside the NATO area [Taiwan, for example; they already had it when I went there on 15 March 2004] and even to States of the officially “enemy” area, for example the PRC [China, historically a British and U.S. puppet; the RPC had not them when I went there at the end of August 2002; NATO needed a week for secret agreements with the PRC government and for giving it such devices; since then they are currently used for internal repression and for State terrorism in China], which have been involved in such NATO terrorist programs.

The furious problems Carabinieri's and NATO's Secret Police Bureaux have with me are easily representable.
Despite their long term [3 decades!] efforts ("He must not legally work, study and live!"), I have drastically refused to be involved in any terrorist activity. ...I do not have real political interests... ...Even less, criminal ones... 
In 1995, I went away from Italy. They continued also abroad with their NATO terrorists' production program ("He must not legally work, study and live! He must became a terrorist! Later, we'll jail him and he must became a jailed terrorist theoretician!") addressed to me. ...They have no theoreticians for their terrorist groups. And they, their academic consultants etc. cannot surrogate this their lack. ...They are too inept... 
I have no interest in that. My interests are politological, not in politicking. 
Now, I'm not only continuing to be extraneous and opposed relatively to their terrorists' production program. I have used and I am using THEIR insanities and crimes for analyzing them and denouncing them.
They are furious. Since they are idiotic furious insane criminals, they are self-denigrating and they cannot not go on self-denigrating
So, they'd need to annihilate me. ...They have no hope!
THEY are insane and criminal. ...Only THEM and their crowded court of militians!