Roberto Abraham Scaruffi: November 2014

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Career Builder ha pubblicato l'elenco delle professioni più richieste per il 2015.
Preoccupati per le vostre prospettive di lavoro? Arrivano buone notizie dal Regno Unito!
Siete preoccupati di non trovare lavoro in Norvegia?
Ogni anno Time nomina la Persona dell'Anno. Il titolo va alla persone che, nel bene e nel male, ha influenzato di più le notizie e le nostre vite durante l'anno che si va a concludere.
Siete interessati a lavorare in Austria ma non sapete da dove partire per trovare un'azienda che operi nel vostro ambito?
La Betty si è trasferita di recente in Svezia e condivide la sua esperienza sul blog 'La Betty in Svezia'.
Matteo Sartorio studia gratuitamente all'università in Finlandia, in inglese, e ci spiega come funziona.
Gabrio Mannucci ha scelto l'Australia come meta per trovare opportunità di crescita.
Buona lettura!
Saluti da Melbourne
Aldo Mencaraglia
Il migliore corso al mondo per scrivere il CV in inglese!
VA News - Jobs - Education - VA Loans - Benefits        November 30, 2014
Israeli strikes in Gaza destroy office of Hamas premier.
Israel Attacks Gaza Border Areas
Doing so breaches August ceasefire terms. Not Israel's first violation. Nor its last.
2cmkpjbKevin Barrett
9/11-Warren Commission on Race in America?!
Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-R65485,_Joachim_PeiperEd Mattson
Part 3. Malmedy Massacre and the Battle of the Bulge
9-11_Patriot_Act_Bill_Of_Rights_Twin_Towers_False_FlagKevin Barrett
'US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax'
israel-us-zionismGilad Atzmon
'Jew, Judaism, Jewishness'
originsJane Rosenstein
Origins - A Must See Video on Computers only this Weekend
turkeyVeterans Today
BOOK REVIEW: An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
FIG4Kevin Barrett
Environmental scientist blasts IPCC "climate consensus"
dumb is white tooGordon Duff
Ferguson's Psyop Race Wargame
Putin and al-SisiJim W. Dean
NEO - Egypt and Russia - "Historical Realities" between Old Friends
222Franklin Lamb
Book: Syria's Endangered Heritage
Arnaldo Rodgers
Time running out for Ohio bonus for Iraq veterans
CLEVELAND, Ohio: Ohio veterans who served in Iraq from 2003-2011 have until Dec. 31 to apply for the Ohio Veterans Bonus. »»
Arnaldo Rodgers
Bolster mental health care for Iraq, Afghanistan veterans
MARINE CORPS veteran Clay Hunt was one of thousands. Hunt was 26 when he committed suicide, following tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. »»
UNGA-UN General Assembly
Anthony Lawson
UNGA -- Adopted Six Resolutions regarding Israeli Occupied Territories
The Assembly adopted a resolution that stressed the need for Israel, to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, and demanded the complete cessation of all Israeli settlement activity and Israel's compliance with its obligations under international law. »»
Military Veteran Job News    John Allen
December Jacksonville Florida Job Fair Open to All Veterans
Military Veteran Job News    Charles G. Fawkes
Hiring Immediatly DPI Joins
Military Veteran Job News    John Allen
Veteran, Mother Turning Dreams Into Reality
Gordon Duff
Turkey Day Gun Fun..
We have two new SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) platforms for immediate delivery in .308 Win. Below are sniper platforms in .300 AAC and .223 Win. We have one "almost free" deal for a "first come/first serve" reader. Even if you don't have a need for or even want to have one for a coffee table curiosity, enjoy the offering below as "gunporn." »»
Jim Fetzer
The Holocaust Narrative: Politics trumps Science
The author of this refreshing scientific study of the Holocaust, Nicholas Kollerstrom, may be the most honorable man whom I have ever had the pleasure to know. »»
Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
War is a Racket..
Published in 1933 by retired Marine Major General Smedley Butler, War is a Racket is a classic expose of the role of Wall Street profiteering in instigating war. »»
war is racket
Jonas E. Alexis
The Killing of Reason: How the Dreadful Few Rape Europe and America
"In Sweden, according to official crime statistics, the number of reported rapes has quadrupled during the past 20 years." »»
Gilad Atzmon
The Pathology of Max Blumenthal..
- If anyone still had hope that there was something positive that Progressive Jews could add to the discourse, Blumenthal's latest interview will end that idea. He exhibits the ultimate form of Jewish racism, goy hatred: in fact, far more insidious than hard-core right wing Zionism. »»
blumenthal pathology
Arnaldo Rodgers
OPEC Leaves Production Target Unchanged
VIENNA: OPEC members rejected calls for drastic action to cut their oil output, keeping their production ceiling unchanged and suggesting the cartel is bracing for lower prices longer term. »»
Michael Noonan
Gold And Silver - For Elites, All The World's A Stage, Including China And Russia.
Neither China nor Russia are in a position to have their currency replace the FRN "dollar" as a world reserve currency. The entire global financial system has been staunchly in place for almost a century. »»
drone.vilante (1)
Arnaldo Rodgers
FAA: Near-collisions between drones and airliners spike
WASHINGTON: After decades of steady improvements in air travel, a new report from the Federal Aviation Administration shows a surge in near-collisions between commercial airliners and drones. »»
November 30, 2014The Forward Today
Madoff, Revisited
The name of the most reviled member of the American Jewish community hangs in posterity’s balance. And in a place of honor at Manhattan’s Center for Jewish History.
More Oy, Less Om
Jewish parents whose daughter is marrying a Jew-turned-Buddhist have a question for the Seesaw: How do you explain that marrying such a man means marrying out?
A Jewish State for Whom?
EDITORIAL: Israel’s new nationality bill isn’t really about shoring up the identity of the majority; it’s about marginalizing the minority.
Gathering No Moss
In 1945, army veteran Jay Moss made his first appearance in this publication. Now, the 91-year-old artist makes his second appearance — this time as a sculptor.
Featured Blog Post
'Taking Back the Party'
A recent Rolling Stone article on sexual assault at the University of Virginia has galvanized students to change campus culture. But is it too little too late?
Breaking News
Jerusalem Arab-Jewish School Torched
Is Romanian Mayor's Hitler Hairdo a Hate Crime?
App Puts Anne Frank Story on Smartphone
When Zionism Comes With $1M Condo

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