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Saturday, 31 October 2015

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Posted: 30 Oct 2015 09:00 PM PDT
A Spring Valley High School student took her cell phone out in math class. According to her classmate, Tony Robinson Jr., “it was only for a quick second.”

But that made no difference to the teacher, who, adhering to the “zero tolerance” policy so common in American schools, demanded she surrender her phone.

Already deprived of her freedom by compulsory schooling, she refused to be deprived of her property, as well. The teacher called in a school administrator. She still would not obey, so the petty bureaucrats literally called the cops on her.

The school’s resource officer, Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields, was summoned to coerce compliance out of the willful girl.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2015 09:00 PM PDT
Endocrine disruptors are chemicals known to interfere with development and reproduction, and they may cause serious neurological and immune system effects.

The disruptions occur because such chemicals mimic hormones in your body, including the female sex hormone estrogen, the male sex hormone androgen, and thyroid hormones.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may block hormonal signals in your body or interfere with the way the hormones or receptors are made or controlled. [1]

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Posted: 30 Oct 2015 08:00 PM PDT
Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can actually be classified as a super food. There is such a hype surrounding the product that it really makes you wonder what the sudden ubiquitous of this tropical plant is all about.

by Eddie

It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties

Coconut oil contains what is known as medium chain fatty triglycerides, which are fatty acids of a medium length.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2015 08:00 PM PDT
Nowhere is the disconnect between science and spirit felt more intimately than in matters of mental health.

We can speak empirically on this by saying things like, “America spends over $113 billion a year on mental health treatment,” or “depression affects over 14.8 million adults,” but, cold data marginalizes actual human experience, so if you’re suffering, this doesn’t really help much.

The statistical view does, however, tell us that mental illness is epidemic in our culture, that an enormous economy has risen around the mainstream medical approaches to treating mental illness, and that this industry does not appear to be effective in reversing the growing epidemic of mental illness.

What is Madness?

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Aldo Busi lo ha preceduto...


Salvini «rapito» dal Marocco: 
ci porto anche Zaia e Maroni

«Qui bisogna investire». Il governo locale: noi dialoghiamo con tutti di Marco Cremonesi


Pasolini, i tre killer senza nome
I misteri 40 anni dopo il delitto

La foto, la banda della Magliana, la telefonata e il giallo dei reperti distrutti o spariti. I nodi irrisolti dell’omicidio del regista di Giovanni Bianconi
LO SPECIALE Pier Paolo Pasolini, l’eredità 40 anni dopo a cura di A. Rastelli


Palma di Maiorca imprenditore italiano morto «L’hanno ucciso»

Massimiliano Rossi, 42 anni, ha perso la vita nel rogo di un furgone, ad agosto. Ma sul suo petto c’era un coltello. L’ombra di una setta e l’appello della madre: «Datemi i suoi resti» Gasperetti 
I viaggi, i sorrisi, poi la carcassa del furgone bruciato: le immagini



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The European Union Times

Posted: 30 Oct 2015 03:27 PM PDT

A new material absorbs up to 99 percent of light that hits its surface, making it the ‘blackest’ man-made material ever produced.
Scientists from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have developed a material comprising nanoparticles composed of a nano rod – which helps absorb light.
Light is absorbed regardless of the angle or polarization at which it hits the surface – a feature that makes it stand out as other black materials have been known to absorb more light at specific points in the spectrum.
As a result, this “blackest material ever” can absorb 98-99 percent of light in the spectrum between 400 and 1,400 nanometers, taking in 26 percent more light than any other known material so far.
The research published in Nature Nanotechnology oddly took inspiration from a white cyphochilus beetle, which is very good at reflecting light thanks to its crystalline structured scales.
Scientists in Saudi Arabia studied the beetle in a bid to invert the structure of the scales and create a material that absorbs light as effectively as the beetle reflects it.
This discovery may open up new horizons for solar energy development as well as help create more efficient optical connections.
Posted: 30 Oct 2015 03:22 PM PDT

Earlier this month as illegal and largely Muslim migrants continued to surge into Europe from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and Afghanistan, a German political scientist, Jürgen W. Falter, warned his country faces disaster.
Falter said during an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper that statements by Chancellor Angela Merkel sound “like an invitation to the entire world that unlimited refugees are welcome.”
He also characterized Germany’s liberal immigration policy as “a Pandora’s box [that has] opened too far.”
Falter said as the demographic changes in Germany so may the political landscape. He said Muslims will not vote for a German political party with the word “Christian” in its name.
There’s doubt, first of all against the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), because it still bears “Christian” in its title. Even reduced to their basics, the CDU and CSU Christian Social Union are relatively strong names. This is naturally, for devout Muslims, not the party of first choice.
Currently a large number of Muslims are believed to be active in rather simpler professions. In addition once they are integrated into the working life, they are more likely to vote for left-wing parties or possibly even for an established Islamic party.
Currently, we have about five million Muslims living in Germany. Suppose there comes another million, plus family reunification. Then there will be between seven and eight million. This is not an entirely fanciful number. That would be in far enough for a minority party.
“The bulk of the migrants who are arriving here cannot be integrated,” Heinz Buschkowsky, former mayor of Berlin’s Neukölln district, has warned.
“We should no longer support immigration by people who are totally foreign to our cultural traditions, in fact we ought to block it,” Alexander Gauland, a senior official with the Alternative For Germany party, told the Tagesspiegel newspaper in January, prior to the current surge.
“There are cultural traditions that make it difficult to integrate here… those cultural traditions should be left back at home in the Middle East,” he added.
“Germany respects the background and cultural identity of its immigrants. But we don’t accept the importation of authoritarian, anti-democratic and religiously fanatical points of view,” Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said in 2012.
On Thursday a German police chief said law enforcement in the country is examining ten suspected cases of illegal immigrants belonging to a terrorist organization.
Holger Muench, head of the BKA federal police, said the flood of immigrants presents a serious domestic security threat.
“We have seen signs that extreme Islamists have approached the reception centers and asylum seekers,” a spokesman for the Norwegian Police Security Service said last week.
Hugo Limkjær, the manager of the asylum centre in Oslo, confirmed that ISIS supporters had been observed talking to immigrants.
Posted: 30 Oct 2015 03:03 PM PDT

Donald Trump’s team made a big error by not trademarking his famous “Make America Great Again” slogan, and learned their lesson the hard way when a radio host went behind their back and did it himself.
The trademark has been transferred over to the candidate, but it came at a hefty price: $100,000 — in donations to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
The radio host, Bobby Estell, better known as Bobby Bones, could have taken the money and run, but instead he leveraged it to force the real estate mogul turned Republican presidential hopeful to do something good.
“Thanks Donald Trump,” Estell tweeted on Thursday afternoon. “This check goes to St Jude. Have your slogan back.”
Estell included a photo of the signed check, with the dollar amount whited out per Trump’s request. The description states that it represents a “transfer of trademark.”
Trump has used the slogan throughout his campaign, on merchandise and in speeches.
Trump’s campaign issued a statement indicating they only reimbursed Estell what he had paid for the trademark. Which, if this is the case, means that Estell actually made the hefty donation himself.
“We simply reimbursed him the money he had paid to try and register the trademark and allowed him to donate it to St. Jude’s Hospital for which Mr. Trump’s son Eric has helped raise millions of dollars toward cancer research,” Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump, told the Hill.
Estell has also requested an interview with the candidate on his show; it is unclear whether Trump has agreed to it.
Posted: 30 Oct 2015 02:45 PM PDT

Nickelodeon has been hit with the sensational accusation that it is promoting interracial cuckold fetishism to kids after it was revealed that the writer of a children’s TV show called Bella and the Bulldogs also wrote an interracial soft porn film called The Cuckold.
The allegations center around the claim that the theme of The Cuckold – which mirrors the online porn fetish of black men having sex with white women while their humiliated white husbands watch – is being subversively replicated in Bella and the Bulldogs – the plot behind which includes an athletic black boy who is successful with girls while his nerdy white friend is ignored.
Jonathan Butler’s IMDB page confirms that his only credit aside from three children’s TV shows is for writing The Cuckold.
In Bella and the Bulldogs, now in its second season, the main character Bella, a white teen girl, develops a romantic relationship with Troy, a black boy who is more physically athletic and confident than Newt, an emasculated white kid who constantly tries but fails to win the affection of Bella.
According to critics, who have called on Nickelodeon to cancel the show, the broadcast is replete with subtle and not so subtle references and symbols that echo the themes of interracial cuckold fetish porn. They include;
– The name of the show itself – Bella and the Bulldogs. A black man who has sex with a white woman while her husband watches is referred to as “the bull” in cuckold subculture.
– Bella and the Bulldogs seems to be fixated on bulls, despite the fact that the football team is named after a breed of dog. In promo shots, Bella’s hair usually covers the word “dogs” on her shirt, making it appear to just read “bull”.
– In one scene, Bella is blindfolded and led to a basement initiation where she is ordered to slap a bull.
– Another scene shows Bella standing in front of a black man with a poster behind her of a white baby crossed out.
– All of the “bad kids” depicted in the series are white with southern accents, suggesting a racial bias.
– Another scene shows Bella tied to a chair, which critics assert mirrors a bondage scene in The Cuckold.
– Butler’s Facebook page shows that he has ‘liked’ porn star Taylor Wane – best known for her roles in cuckold fetish videos.
“I’m sorry, but you have an interracial cuckold fetishist who has a show about a white girl, her black boyfriend and a white beta orbiter and you want to tell me that’s a coincidence? You want to tell me the team being named Bulldogs is a coincidence? Bulldogs?! Not like the term “bull” has any meaning in the cuck subculture… oh, wait,” writes Chris Bechtloff.
“I don’t care that there’s interracial dating in a show. It doesn’t bother me. That’s not what makes this disgusting,” he adds. I’m angry because we have Baby’s First Cuckoldry being aired on national television. Even if you removed the racial elements, if you had a white producer who made a movie about fucking married women—while their simp husbands watched, masturbated, and cried—who created this same show with an all-white cast, you could still see it. The racial aspect only makes it more striking and impossible to ignore.”
Another kids show written by Butler – The Haunted Hathaways – also revolves around a single white mother with two daughters who moves into a house occupied by the ghost of a black single father.
Gawker responded to the controversy by claiming it was merely the obsession of right-wing “Internet racists,” although if the shoe were on the other foot, one wonders how the left would react.
Imagine if a white writer whose only other credit was for a soft porn film in which the humiliation of black people was depicted. Then imagine if he wrote a children’s show in which a white alpha male kid got all the female attention while a nerdy black kid was made fun of. Would progressives have an issue with that? Undoubtedly.
And can you imagine the interview beforehand when Butler presumably pitched the show to Nickelodeon? It wasn’t as if he had a prolific history of making top-rated kids TV shows. Did Nickelodeon managers not think twice about hiring a writer of fetish movies to make content for minors?
Gawker also claims that the whole controversy was contrived by a 4chan user who sought to deliberately whip up hysteria around the issue.
However, the fact remains that Butler did write The Cuckold and he continues to write a show for children that it can be argued is loosely based around a similar – albeit far less x-rated – premise.
While this might seem outlandish to some, we have to remind ourselves that leftists have no shame when it comes to promoting outright deviancy. routinely gives a platform to pedophiles who argue that their lusting after children is merely a misunderstood sexual preference that should be treated with more respect. also recently published an article about necrophilia, making the case that people who lust after sex with dead corpses could be a product of a “healthy mind”.
The fact that Bella and the Bulldogs was created by a cuckold soft porn writer and shares many of the same themes with the cuckold subculture is fairly transparent.
You don’t need to be a racist or an Internet troll to find that genuinely disturbing.
Posted: 30 Oct 2015 11:57 AM PDT

The majority of European Parliament members have voted in favor of asking constituent states to grant protection to whistleblower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has described the move as a ‘game-changer’ and a ‘chance to move forward’.
MEPs have urged EU member states to “drop any criminal charges against Edward Snowden, grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties, in recognition of his status as whistleblower and international human rights defender,” a European Parliament press release stated.
The call was not unequivocal, however, with 285 MEPs voting for the motion and 281 against, showing just how divided the European political elite remains on the issue.
Still, it’s a victory for Snowden, who sees the result of the voting as a “game-changer.”
“This is not a blow against the US Government, but an open hand extended by friends. It is a chance to move forward,” he wrote on Twitter.
Even a slim majority voting in favor of Snowden means a lot, according to Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s lawyer in Russia.
“The resolution of the EU parliament is recognition of Edward’s [Snowden] merits to the mankind, his courage and honesty of his position,” he said as cited by the Interfax news agency.
The European Parliament thoroughly studied Snowden’s leaks and in March 2014 adopted a resolution to protect the personal data of EU citizens.
“The European Parliament’s inquiry into Edward Snowden’s revelations of electronic mass surveillance was the most comprehensive investigation completed to date. This work needs to continue to ensure that civil liberties are defended on the internet too,” Claude Moraes of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee and rapporteur on mass surveillance said.
The MEPs now say they are dissatisfied with the lack of action taken following their inquiry. The Thursday resolution, which said that not enough had been done to tackle mass surveillance, received a wider backing with 342 voices for it, 274 against and 29 abstentions.
“EU citizens’ fundamental rights remain in danger” and “too little has been done to ensure their full protection,” the MEPs said.
The Parliament has also called on the European Commission to “immediately take the necessary measures to ensure that all personal data transferred to the US are subject to an effective level of protection that is essentially equivalent to that guaranteed in the EU”.
The EU’s parliament is worried about “recent laws in some member states that extend surveillance capabilities of intelligence bodies” – including in France, the UK and the Netherlands.
It is also concerned about “revelations of mass surveillance of telecommunications and internet traffic inside the EU by the German foreign intelligence agency (BND) in cooperation with the US National Security Agency (NSA)”.
The MPs also called on EU bodies to elaborate a strategy aimed at increasing levels of technological independence, improving online privacy, democratizing control over intelligence activities and rebuilding trust with the EU.
The problem of personal data protection has been in the spotlight since 2013, when former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, disclosed mass surveillance programs used by the US intelligence services. Snowden was granted asylum in Russia. He is facing a number of charges in the US, including theft of government property and violating the Espionage Act.